Seeing The Light... Then Eating It

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Too much thinking about food can result in losing the capacity for rational thought, and considering buying lots of things that take up space and won’t get used much. A madeleine pan? Of course I need something that can only get used for making one thing. One thing that is unlikely to be made all that often. Why not!

Picture: BootsNGus on Etsy

Much as I love the idea of just moving into the Bay Tree, I can’t quite decide whether this is the right side of whimsical-and-baking-obsessed. In the right house, it might work perfectly – lots of white cabinetry, a scrubbed wooden table, and copper pans on hooks.

Although rational thought hasn't deserted me so much that I think it could be got away with in my slightly less spacious kitchen...

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