Breakfast With A Llama

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little while ago now, there was breakfast with a certain llama-loving friend. Breakfast at quite an inappropriately early hour of the morning (my fault), having risen even earlier to do some baking (also my fault, and more on that tomorrow - the baking, that is, not the culpability).

And, after procrastinating in putting up photos of both breakfast and baking, I came across this...

Picture: One Drawing Each Day on Etsy

In this case, there was perhaps a little lacking by way of alertness given the early hour... But there was an abundance of both good conversation, and good breakfast. And there was (figuratively, at least) a llama!

The breakfast was from my ever-reliable local, First Drop in East Redfern...

Singing llamas may make it good, but breakfasting llamas make it better!

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