Can’t Turn Down Waffling

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sometimes, it seems that when an event is sufficiently organised to warrant (or should that be justify) sending out (gasp!) paper invitations, people come over all proper-like. They start using etiquette and requesting the pleasure of your company and being elegant*.

Which is why I loved this**...

Picture: Frantic Meerkat on Etsy

It looks so bacchanalian. So high-spirited (and other beverages, no doubt...). So fun and silly. Woo hoo!

Picture: Grab Your Fork

It also introduced me to the delights of Frantic Meerkat (the Etsy shop from whence it comes), which has all sorts of interesting little distractions. Lots of them involve funny wording and assorted animals. Did I mention woo hoo yet?

* Although if they are inspired by Masterchef, they may well come over all ullagent instead!
** Recently discovered from the Etsy newsletter, source of all sorts of interesting miscellanea.

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