Christmas In July

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picture: Life Love Paper on Flickr

Can you wear red and green together without looking like a Christmas tree? I'd never thought so. Then, I came across a (relatively) recent post by Decor8 which gave pause for thought.

When venturing away from black, I tend to gravitate towards seafoam green (mostly in summer) and red (the rest of the time). But it had never ocurred to me to try and wear the two colours together*. These wallets combine red and seafoam green to great effect... unusual patterns, clean lines, and an interesting vintage feel...

Pictures: All of the above are by Dear Sukie on Etsy

Maybe if I tried this approach, I could double my wardrobe options...?**

* Much as I love pictures of people in fabulous colour combinations where the unexpected inclusion of a particular shade makes the whole thing just work, I tend to go for the lower risk approach of not wearing more than three colours at once in case I look like a paint pot...
** Love the justifications that start to emerge in the pursuit of shopping!

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