The Impossible Dream

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I can’t believe it’s finally going to happen. Masterchef is finally going to finish! Just think of all those productive things that can be done now you’re no longer glued to the couch for (it can’t be! Oh yes, it was) over seven hours a week, watching other people cook. Don’t worry about the lack of culinary inspiration (or mystification) on a daily basis. Don’t stop to think about it, or the next thing’ll start, and you’ll get hooked again. And then you’ll never make it off the couch.

So. It’s nearly over. Perhaps we need something to acknowledge this moment. How about this...

Picture: Salty Seattle, discovered via Tastespotting

This is not just any impossible croquembouche sitting there taunting you with all those potential things that could go wrong if you attempted it. This is a croquembouche with fois gras chantilly crème and maple balsamic syrup. This is a combination of the sweet and savoury that would’ve done even Marion proud.

Picture: Salty Seattle

It’s definitely an interesting thought. And given how well fois gras goes with the sweetness of brioche, probably not as unlikely an idea as it initially sounds. And if I was going to relinquish crème patissiere for anything, perhaps it could be pate. Perhaps...

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