Small (But Expanding) Wonder

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picture: Old School Stationers on Etsy

Somewhere far away, there is a castle, and heady plumes of smoke billow from the turrets from a thousand bewitched cooks inventing dishes ever more impractical and irresistible than the last. Actually, maybe it isn’t a castle; maybe it’s the MasterChef studio and I’m just hallucinating from the thought of all that food...

But still, when there are things like this to be come up with, is it really any wonder that there are studies showing that people are expanding at ever increasing rates?*

Picture: The Kitchn (and don't believe it looking innocent... it's all about how it's made)

* Yeah, I’m sure there are a million and one ancient recipes for honey-smeared confit of woolly mammoth, but back then they didn’t have escalators. Or cars. Or remote controls. Or blogs with beautiful photos making all those unthinkable things look impossibly delicious. Harrumph.

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