Poke. Squish. Ow!

Friday, April 2, 2010

There are things that are Not Fun. Or enjoyable. Or useful. Or that add anything whatsoever to the quality of the day. But which could still be worse (and yes, almost anything could be made worse somehow, but that’s not the point. The point is worse within the realms of context and feasibility*). These things get described as “not as bad as being poked in the eye with a wet ferret”. Not as bad as a sharp stick, but still something to be avoided (I imagine the ferret feels the same way...).

There seems to be a recurrent thing about ferrets. I don’t know why. Although I am inclined to attribute a bit of it to my mum and dad. They started off about the ferrets. Whether or not a ferret in time saves nine and a half, I’m not sure – I do wonder, though, whether its time-saving abilities are improved or not by being wet. Perhaps I need one on my desk, to help me work more efficiently...

* Why is it that I feel almost everything I say needs to be qualified, elaborated on or specified in some daft level of detail? Perhaps it’s an occupational hazard, but not everything needs to have clauses, definitions, and things to avoid inadvertent (or deliberate) misinterpretation. Very, very slowly, it is dawning on me that one of the joys of a small and very insignificant blog is that I can be as contrary and open to misinterpretation as I like. Although I has such high hopes on starting out articulate, elegant and charming! (After all, if you can’t be aspirational on your blog, where can you?).

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