Singing Llamas Make It Good

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Singing llamas, apparently, make it good (how could they possibly not?). The singing llamas (this definitely stands to be corrected) began as a mondegreen from an Alex Lloyd song (which I think was Lost In The Rain, and was meant to be "sing it loud now, make it pure").

Sharon Montrose does amazing animal photos - it really is all about the subject. They've been getting a bit of attention lately, so I know I'm hopping firmly onto a fast-departing bandwagon. It's not just the photos themselves, but also the mixture of animals that Sharon's selected - sure, there are a few kittens and a scattering of geese (honk!), but there is, overall, an amazing mix of the cute and obscure, or at least the slightly-less-obvious.

So, in the interests of over-indulgence (and, after Easter, any over-indulgence that isn't supposed to be eaten has got to be a good thing), here are a few more of my favourites...

Singing llamas lemurs: 

Squirrels (and there is never a justification needed for squirrels):

 And prairie dogs:

I love the way the prairie dogs are standing - it makes me wonder what one might have been sating to the other. It's almost like they're bobbing alternately up and down, like half a barber shop quartet (but smaller, furrier and without the singing...).

Not sure that I'm even close to being finished with these photos... think there will be a few more sneaking out in the next little while.

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