The Post Post - Do You Mail Baked Goods?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It takes a certain peculiar leap of logic to get from Next Top Model to cakes. That, or a predilection for baking combined with a slightly-guilty overindulgence in reality TV.

This cake mail postcard had previously caught my eye...

Cake mail postcard from TangBaby
Cake mail postcard from TangBaby
Cake mail from TangBaby via Design Fetish

After a little too much time watching New Zealand's Next Top Model* (which is surprisingly distracting on a lazy Sunday night), with the Kiwi equivalent of  "Tyra mail" popping up in giant envelopes every episode, it occurred to me that this might be a fun alternative... whether the contestants would run towards it or away from it might be debatable!

Cake mail postcard from TangBaby

I originally thought the postcard might be an attempt atone to the trifle-eating cat's parents for a dearth of penguin embellished cakes a while ago. And then was distracted by bigger ideas. Like how to post brownies.

This might not be the most practical mailing option, but it definitely looks pretty...

Cake shaped cake boxes from imeon design
Cake boxes from imeon design via Designers Block

Perhaps I'll have to start making brownies in round cake tins (or, heaven forbid, branch out into other forms of baking - or even non-baked cooking!). Although the trifle-eating cat's parents probably have quite enough brownies stashed in the freezer to tide them over for a while...

* The available option for those of us without pay TV... Too much bad viewing and never enough time!

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