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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is there any kind of food that somebody hasn't attempted to deep fry? There's been deep fried Mars bars, deep fried Coke, even deep fried butter. It can seem to be less a matter of taste than of culinary one-upmanship with some 'just because I can' thrown in for good measure. Coming across a new deep fried something really shouldn't be a surprise.

Unless it's deep fried eggs Benedict...

Deep fried eggs Benedict from Fine Cooking via The Kitchn

And this isn't some common garden dunk-it-in-batter-and-drain-it-on-newspaper recipe. The eggs are poached with crispy bacon, grated and combined with lemon vinaigrette and the coated in toasted English muffin crumbs. It's more of a crunchy-coated reinterpretation than just an excuse to plonk something different into a vat of boiling oil. But it does seem to have polarised commenters at every turn... eggs for breakfast, with a side order of controversy?

Sonia on February 1, 2011 at 11:31 PM

so thrilled to see your another new dish and style of putting the dish... !
The dish is delightfully delicious.... with no order of controversy !

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