Do You Feel Lucky (Steam) Punk?

Monday, February 21, 2011

The first reference I came across to steampunk sent me Googling in mystification. It seems to pop up all over Etsy with lots of cogs, wheels and widgets applied to cufflinks and jewellery and things. And once there’s a trend, it gets applied to cake...

Steampunk cake from Babycakes and Confections via Steampunk Workshop

But this goes one step further – a car made out of cake. And not just the bigger-is-better Cake Boss style of cake, but a technical replica.

Skoda Fabia cake
Skoda Fabia cake
Life-size cake model of a Skoda Fabia - pictures via Paul Tan and Emails Collection. I love that it has glacé cherries and raisins in it, and isn't just a plain boring cake!

It's got an engine made out of cake, too...

Skoda Fabia cake - the engine
Skoda Fabia engine via Paul Tan (he also lists the ingredients, which are pretty mind-boggling!)

That amount of sugar power makes just using ethanol in biofuels look like the tip of the iceberg, really! Now, that would be a useful way to reduce waste and save money - if baking fails could just be squished up and used to power your car. Until then, though, there are cake balls... yum!

cake balls from Honey Bee Bakery
Cake balls from Honey Bee Bakery on Flickr

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