Let Sleeping Penguins Lie

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hibernating sometimes sounds a very attractive idea... a cosy little corner to sleep in for a long period of time while the less appealing bits of nature pass by outside. But for a penguin, it'd make so much more sense to sleep through the summer, and come out once it cools down a bit*...

Hibernate illustration
Bears via Things Organized Neatly

Until I found this illustration, it had never occurred to me to attempt to organise a bear, neatly or otherwise. And I also hadn't known that not all bears hibernate. It seems to be a characteristic of those who live in places that get unpleasantly cold, but not utterly freezing (otherwise polar bears might sleep all year round). And a sloth hibernating would just be... superfluous.

Although for somebody who struggles with taking far too much luggage on holiday, deciding on the necessary accoutrements for hibernation could be a challenge. Somewhere comfy to sit (or sleep) would, of course, be essential. Like a beanbag, maybe...

Bear beanbag from Chic Sin Design
Bear beanbag from Chic Sin Design

Or perhaps somewhere with lots of good books within easy reach...

Bibliochaise chair with built-in bookshelves
Bibliochaise from Nobody & Co via Interior Decorating Home. It doesn't look like the most comfortable armchair I've ever seen, but it's a great idea

And perhaps a large picnic basket. would come in handy, too With lots of chocolate...

* Biology, under such a theory, may well go directly to hell in a hand basket. But it's an appealing idea, in any case!

Sonia on February 12, 2011 at 5:16 AM

Oh...this is so sweet. I adore this bear bean bag and armchair !
this is the most unique combo I have ever seen.

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