'Nuff Said

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday. The day of grand plans and big ideas. A whole untouched weekend stretching ahead like a blank canvas, ready to fill with anything. Whether that's seven impossible things before (or for) breakfast* or just retiring to a quiet corner with a good book (which can be even more of a challenge than those seven impossible things, especially for people who need to be Doing Something Productive All The Time).

Sometimes you can surprise yourself with how much it's possible to achieve. And other times, you can be astonished by how good it feels to do, well, nothing terrible much...

I Ought To Do Something But I Am Already In My Pajamas poster
Print from Upper Case Magazine (via Timothy Buck Walter)

Whether or not being in pajamas pyjamas precludes doing things is another matter and best saved for another day. Here's to a weekend of distracting typography and as few ought to-s as possible...

* I would very much like to try an impossible thing for breakfast. Provided it was in an appealingly whimsical way, and not a Man Vs Wild sort of impossible way, that is.

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