Getting Your Scone On

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Does too much deliciousness lead to bootyliciousness? A few years ago, everything was something-licious and, while it's not gone away, it's subsided to a dull roar (I still want to read Matt Preston's Cravatalicious, though!). Now, it's all about getting your something on. I don't remember it before Missy Elliott, although it's probably been around far longer. Everybody's suddenly getting their game, their glam, their geek (or Gleek), and even their crochet on. Whether that last one indicates the cachet of crochet or is more a mark of jumping the shark, though...

In a food context, it just doesn't work quite so well - getting your pudding on sounds like it would be swiftly followed by getting your washing on! And in the morning, I for one lack the verve and certainly the requisite coolness to get my breakfast on. Getting on with breakfast is generally about as good as it gets.

Finding new ways to get on with breakfast (and get by until lunch) is something I'm always keen to try, although when combined with the allure of the shiny, pre-packaged and unknown it can have mixed results. A recent visit to the supermarket uncovered Scone Toast, a chunky but fluffy loaf that could be broadly put alongside banana bread and raisin toast.

If you're looking for something simple, homely and sustaining that doesn't leave you hungry half an hour later, it's definitely worth a look. Although, if you really feel like an actual scone, it doesn't come quite close enough, being more chewy and less crumbly. Especially as scones are so quick and easy to make. For some reason, scones (even without jam, cream and whatnot) feel a little too indulgent to eat for breakfast, while scone toast is just that significant smidge more breakfast-y to get away with! And it gives a warmingly cosy feeling to breakfast (even on the run or at the desk) when accompanied with a cup of Lady Grey tea (get your kettle on!).

It could also be a convenient reason to have second breakfast. Excuse me, I have to go and get my hobbit on...

Sonia on March 2, 2011 at 2:24 AM

wonderful scones. I need to make it soon !

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