Thinking About Being Daring

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maybe it was all the recent Daring Bakers, but I was thinking about profiteroles... maybe thinking too much...

Picture: Citrus and Candy

Profileration – the collective noun for profiteroles.

Picture: Spicy Icecream

As opposed, potentially, to...

profitalliteration – when your description of profiteroles becomes very selective in its choice of words... the perfect, plump, purple profiteroles, for instance.

Which is entirely different to...

profitomatopoeia – which encompasses a range of sounds, from the crunch-squish of the first bite, to the crack-whoomph-anguished-howl of a collapsing croquembouche.

Picture: La Fuji Mama

I love the thought of trying the Daring Bakers challenge, although I think it might be a little way off, still!

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