Do Food Bloggers Dream Of Marshmallow Sheep?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

These little critters are from Choccywoccydoodah, discovered via That Kate's recent Brighton photo tour... With a shop name like that, I was far too intrigued not to go and check it out...

Picture: That Kate

Can sheep actually be critters? Now I stop to think about it, that seems like a term that should be reserved for little jumpy things. Like chipmunks. Not like sheep. Although those marshmallow ones have such expressive faces!

Too much fluffy / woolly indulgence, however, and there is a risk of resembling something I was reminded of while trawling That Kate's blog...

Picture: Ali Molloy on Flickr

... Moomintrolls! Remember those? Now, if this one was just peering in the window of a chocolate shop, it would be just about perfect! I really do seem to be developing somewhat of an obsession with cute rotund creatures, though.

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