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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dedicaketion – determination to find or make the perfect version of a particular baked item.

Picture: Gourmet Traveller

There is a blog which is just about vanilla slices. That really is just fabulous!

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t get updated all that often – even the most devoted admirer of vanilla slices might struggle to eat them on a regular basis, perhaps.

Picture: Painter Girl on Flickr

Now, why isn’t there an equivalent site for neenish tarts? Or ginger cake, come to think of it? There is a Tweeter which is only about fudge... now that, I can definitely relate to.

One of the things I especially admire among the food bloggers is their perseverance to find – or, more impressively, develop – the perfect recipe for something. Whether it is cookies or coq au vin, their quest for perfection tends to result in recipe hunts now occurring via the rss reader, and not so much via the recipe book when there is serious intent to cook*. I wish I had the stamina to do multiple versions to refine things, but so far, am just finding my feet in modifying recipes at all without ending up with an undercooked puddle (much as I like cake batter). Hopefully it will get there one day...

* For idle musings and hungry thoughts, on the other hand, the recipe books aren’t at risk of being replaced... it’s a bit like the allure of glossy magazines...

PS: I am mystified by pink iced vanilla slice. Almost anything is better with pink icing (well, within reason). For some reason, I had never included vanilla slice on that list... But once you start looking, they are everywhere!

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