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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Since I very first heard it when I was (much) younger and (slightly) more foolish, I have loved History Repeating (you know, the Shirley Bassey / Propellerheads track). It will always have associations with crazy dancing and misspent youth, and there are quite a few times when it’s felt like the soundtrack playing in my head.

Which meant that when I came across this (entirely while having fallen down a rabbit hole, looking for a chocolate wrapper. As you do), I could scarcely contain myself...

It's called History Reheats...

Picture: Angus Wood (via Coffs Harbour City Council)

And it made me think of those weeks where there is that discordant combination of baking, but eating frozen dinners (yes, it happens. Largely so I have the energy to bake, and so I can justify licking the bowl).

It also reminded me of Stephen Fry’s Twitter stream a few days ago. I read it just before going in to an exam, and it made me laugh so much it got rid of (most of) the nerves... woo hoo!

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