The Naming Of Blogs Is A Difficult Matter

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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I don't like making decisions when they can only be made once. Hang on, what I (think I) mean is that I don't like decisions that are unable to be varied, put aside or un-decided (as opposed to indecisive, although that's very closely related).

If you're buying black trousers, say, and you find, like, and buy a pair, then later on you see another that you like as well, then you can have two pairs of black trousers. Unless the trousers are unbelievably exorbitant, it's a pretty easy decision, partly because there will be numerous other pairs of trousers to come. For a couch, it's a bit trickier. Unless you have a large apartment (or a very squashed living room), there is likely to only be one couch at a time. So the decision to buy just one becomes harder*. And then for really big things, where there can only be one ever (or, if not quite ever, at least not without a fair bit of undoing), the decision is even harder. Especially when, as with naming blogs, it's a fairly capricious decision at the best of times, and there are so many appealing possibilities.

There were lots of other things that came up as possible names (not that the naming process was anything scientific). And probably a lot more weird and wonderful ideas to come. A lot of my favourite blogs are named in pairs of things (this seems to be a pattern with pubs as well - more to come on that later on).

* There are probably much better analogies that don't refer to buying things. Those are probably easier to think of if you're not a dreadful spendthrift like me...

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